If you have concerns about transportation, please contact our transportation supervisor, Diane McKee at 703-446-2050

Changes in transportation should be made only when necessary.  If a change is required, such as walking home, you must notify us in writing.

Please send a note to your child’s teacher the morning of the change.  Transportation requests made via telephone will not be honored except in emergency situations.

Buses operate usually at capacity but may, at times accommodate extra passengers.  If your child is going home with a bus rider please send in a note.  Remember, the bus rider’s parent must also send a note.  Play dates should be arranged after your child has arrived at home.

Kiss and Ride Rules

Drop off child only in Kiss and Ride area

Pull your car forward as far as possible in the line.

Make sure that your child exits your car on the building side only.

No passing other cars in line.

Look for direction from adult staff members on duty.

Do not drop students off on Hemlock or Gallows road. These are not safe locations for students; please use the Kiss and Ride line.

Traffic Patterns

If accompanying your child into the building, please park your car in a designated parking space and enter through the front of the school to check-in.

The road in front of the school is “one-way” and is for buses only.

Drive slowly!

The rules regarding our traffic patterns are in place to help ensure the safety of our students.  Remember, our little ones do not always pay attention to traffic; therefore, it is your responsibility to follow our safety rules.