Health Room

Children with symptoms such as rashes, watery and inflamed eyes, fever; sore throat, vomiting, or diarrhea should stay home until a doctor evaluates their symptoms and determines whether or not they are contagious.  The Fairfax County Health Department recommends that a child remain home fever-free for 24 hours after an illness prior to returning to school.

We will call you if your child exhibits symptoms of illness, so you may pick them up in the health room.

A physician’s note

Some rashes, pink eye, impetigo, ringworm and scabies can be passed from one student to another.  To protect all of our children, we require a note from the physician for any child with symptoms of these illnesses.  The note must state that the child is not contagious before the child can return to school.

To limit the spread of illnesses, notify the school office if your child gets head lice, strep throat, chicken pox, or other contagious illnesses.

Medication at School

Prescription and over–the-counter medications require strict adult supervision.  Call the school clinic for more information at 703-641-8210">703-641-8210. Forms to authorize school staff to administer medication are available in the school office or online on the county website.

Medication guidelines:

Any medication taken in school or SACC must have a signed authorization.

Medication must be kept in the school health room or other school-approved location during the school day.

The parent or guardian must bring the medication to and from school.

The first dose of any new medication must be given at home.

The parent or guardian must personally collect any unused portion of the medication.

Medication not claimed will be destroyed.

The parent or guardian is responsible for submitting a new form to the school each time there is change in the dosage or in the time at which the medication is to be taken.